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Basia Halliop
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Re: Instructors of low rank

Your Aikido doesn't come from the teacher, it comes from you, you are oblicated to find what works for you.
Wow, I really can't say I agree with that... at least not at such a beginner level (I can't say if at some point I'll start to feel differently)... My Aikido comes from my teacher more than from me :lol. It makes sense to experiment, sure, you have to ultimately take responsibility for yourself, sure, everyone is different, sure, you have to use your own brain and experiences, sure, the work is yours, sure, but it doesn't follow that if I just get together with a couple of random friends a couple of times a week, we'll magically reinvent a particular martial art between us. Why bother going to school, either? Math is purely logical, right, so if I just use trial and error I should come up with integral calculus eventually, no? The teacher teaches... that's why he or she is called a teacher. That's why we pay to join a dojo... for the teacher... you can get padded mats somewhere else if that's all you really want.

Perhaps...Perhaps Not...What if the 5th Kyu has a Sandan in Judo and a Godan in Karate...or experiance in Wu Shu or Gung Fu.
I think it might be pretty cool to take a class or two from them where they taught something from karate or judo.

Not saying I'd never ever take even a single class from someone who just started, or that I don't constantly learn masses and masses from people only a few years 'ahead' of me, or sometimes from someone 'behind' me, but to think that how much you learn doesn't depend tonnes on the experience and skill of your teacher? That you can learn as much from someone who just started as from a really good and experienced teacher? Yikes.
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