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Re: Non-Profit Dojo?

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
For me the question is who do non-profits profit?
Good question. Here, I'd say mostly the people who own/run the dojo. For example, we have a dojo near me (I formerly attended) that has a youth sparring team. They travel to different tournaments as a team. The "dojo" is primarily a day care center during the day, and an afterschool program (still daycare) when they pick up the kids at their schools. They transport the kids o the dojo, run a 1 hour class, then give snack and homework assistance.

They claim that their "profits" go towards supporting the sparring team. Yet they make the parents pay for all expenses. All equipment must be purchased through the dojo (at a profit). Fun raisers are held throughout the year to raise more money for the "team".

They even have issued tax exempt statements, so their customers can get a tax deduction for the money they paid, under the guise of "non-profit".

They have 20-30 students (children), and are raking in money hand over fist. But they are non profit. I just don't get it.

Not knocking anyone with that status, but realy what does it mean to be non-profit? What benefits are there to being registered as non-profit? What requirements are there?


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