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Re: Is Aikido "Hard"?

"Sitting still everyday is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life." Charlotte Joko Beck...

`"Aikido is really easy...Heck It only takes 20 years to learn and understand some of it's principles... The rest you can do just 30 (years)!" Micheal Fowler Sensei

Hard??? Most days it takes everything I have in me to practice when something as simple as a TV show, a Hamburger, or sore muscles beckon and try to coax me away...

Hard??? There are over TEN THOUSAND distractions in a person's modern life.... But only ONE practice. LOL

I wonder what would have happened if O'Sensei had a TV growing up?

What do you think would he have been a die hard Swallows or Giants fan? Or cultivated Pikachu... or a Ronin on WoWCraft? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

William Hazen
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