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Re: Instructors of low rank

Ueshiba has cleverly said that the path to Aikido learning should be fun and joyful.

this goes to whoever teaches you, 5th kyu, 2nd kyu, 8 Dan or whatever, Your Aikido doesn't come from the teacher, it comes from you, you are oblicated to find what works for you.

Some learn faster, some learn smarter, some learn slower and some keeping getting stuck for a long period of time.

Whoever teaches, merely give you a guiding line to this long path of Aikido, so ok, He does the technique not so good, so what.. that's his experience of Aikido, someday if you would find your self instead of him, teaching and someone else would think the same, what would you think about your self than?

"Never doubt the poorness of others as it will strike you at your vital parts of your soul." - Me!

A good stance and posture reflects a proper state of mind
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