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Re: Define grappling

The very core essence of Aikido is non resistance, so how could you imply Aikido has grappling in it?

There are occasions where the attacker grabs you (Katate/Kata Dori, Ushira ryote dori..etc) and grab back only to redirect the attacker/uke as a part of the technique/KI Flow, and actually! you wouldn't be in that position in the very beginning if your Aikido is dynamic, so therefore Aikido is none-grappling art (In my opinion)

everyone who is in passive state would be grabbed easily (Judo for example, but in Judo that's the very essence of the art),
Where in Aikido, being passive makes sure your already lost in most cases.

Some Dojos around the world teaches Aikido from static & passive forms, therefore if this is your idea of Aikido than that's why you think it has grappling in it.

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