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Re: The Exploits of Ueshiba Morihei

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Funny thing isn't it, that after all that-you *still* want to see -him- the one with twenty years in aikido-who really is no test of my all...over guys here who can hand him his head?
Where is the logic in that?
Funny thing the internet is.
The internet is truly fascinating to me, I have to agree! I can see where Jim might be coming from though. Speaking for myself, I find Rob to be a pretty articulate guy and that counts for a lot. I get what you're saying and agree that it's almost always better to train with someone with a higher degree of proficiency, but I can see where I might do similar to Jim simply because Rob seems to answer the questions I've had better than just about anyone else when it comes to the topic of IMA...usually without my getting a chance to ask him directly too.

...I believe that guy is going to be one of the premier teachers to change the face of aikido in his dojos.
I hope so. I love the information age for just this kind of thing. And besides, at this point I'm beginning to think it would be nice to hear less about what Aikidoka can't do, and more about what we can.

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