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Re: Is Aikido "Hard"?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I note that you watched his process (Don Ragusa's?) of breaking with his teacher, but I wonder about your experiences. After all, it was you who started the thread about negative connotations, not Don.

You have compared aikido with glue that keeps your life together, with an unlooked for adventure, and with something that can barely be compared with that found by people who travel to mountain tops.

And in all this you have found it interesting and challenging--but not hard. I am quite prepared to accept this, but also to wonder whether our different experiences of the same martial art give us any common ground for discussion.

Best wishes,
Thanks for food for thought, Peter.....

I can be quite fey....forgetting the past ......when the moment feels so good.
Ron is my primary teacher and always has been....I could not imagine having to leave him or the pain that would bring up for me.
Leaving Kokikai was not painful for me...staying was.
I was ready to leave years before Ron was but that was not my decision. My decision was to train with Ron whererever he was. That was hard in the thought process but not on the mat (as George said).

Your example reminded me of an incident that happened when I was 1st kyu....Maruyama Sensei hurt me in a Nikkyo and would not stop when I slapped out....he didn't stop when I told him to stop. He finally stopped when I hit him and yelled at him. I realize now that he was giving me a gift....a chance to make a choice about if I would continue to train or quit because of a "percieved good reason". That was others experiences have been Thank you for the reminder that this is not an easy journey....just because it feels easy at the moment.

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