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Re: The Exploits of Ueshiba Morihei

I think this one is kind of neat. Ueshiba sort of immobilizes the fellow. Neat trick.

Aiki News Issue 032 by Kisshomaru wrote:
One day, while my father and Mr. Shioda were traveling on a train, a man who was standing next to the Founder suddenly jerked up into a stiff, motionless posture. Mr. Shioda recalls the following: "O-Sensei smiled and chuckled. I thought it was surely just some old acquaintance. But when the train arrived at the next station and Sensei said, 'Okay, get off!' and the fellow flew off the train I asked who it was. I was surprised when O-Sensei said, 'It was a pickpocket." At any rate, when the pickpocket slipped his hand quietly into Sensei's inside pocket, in a wink, he twisted his wrist tightly and the fellow's whole body became numb and he stood up immobile.
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