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Re: Playing with Ki?

once you know what it feels like to move in an internal/qi manner, you can start to do every motion that way. How to learn that is a topic of another discussion. I am going to provide a few examples assuming one has done some exercises from the Aunkai, Dan or Mike.

For example, if you push a kart/lawn mower etc figure out how to push the object without using your upper body/shoulders so much. If you start to feel it all in the lower back/legs that might give you some clues if you are doing it right. If you feel it in your shoulders that wil give you a clue that something else is going on.

When wearing a backpack, where do you feel the load? If you can hold it up without your shoulders getting so tired (its somewhat cheating if you tie it to your waist) you might learn something.

What is the alignment of your upper body when you open drawers/doors?
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