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Re: Is Aikido "Hard"?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Aikido is part of the glue that keeps my life together...I do have the blessing of be married to my instuctor...who is an open-minded man.
I watched his process as he left his teacher...It seemed both painful and joyful.
Thank you for sharing your experiences....
I note that you watched his process (Don Ragusa's?) of breaking with his teacher, but I wonder about your experiences. After all, it was you who started the thread about negative connotations, not Don.

You have compared aikido with glue that keeps your life together, with an unlooked for adventure, and with something that can barely be compared with that found by people who travel to mountain tops.

And in all this you have found it interesting and challenging--but not hard. I am quite prepared to accept this, but also to wonder whether our different experiences of the same martial art give us any common ground for discussion.

Best wishes,

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