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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Having been a decades long supported of Stan I agree. I think a subscription to his site and the purchase of is books on Ueshiba and Takeda should be a requirement for entering the discussion Add the years of AJ's interviews which are not in those books and its quite a body of information.I encourage everyone to take advantage of the resource. That said, there's nothing like a teaser of information with quotes from your own sources of information to fill out a discussion. Such as found here.
By the way I just re-upped my subscription to AJ a few weeks ago and did not get the DVD. I intend to contact Stan!!Thanks Peter

Peter, 15000 yen is a give a way. I have to work on my Japanese....
Have you seen anything in what I wrote that contradicts versions you have heard? Or is there anything more you can think of to fill out, round out the complex relationship in the period being discussed. I didn't want it to get sidetracked too Takeda, I thought to interject where some of Ueshiba's movements and the nature of his reception was made possible BECAUSE of Takeda's prior work and reputation and that it rarely gets covered or mentioned.

I think the point is not to cut and past entire acticles. Just teasers.

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