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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Hello Mark,

Did you know that Stan Pranin has been giving away a free DVD of all the Aiki News back issues to new subscribers to his website? This is generosity indeed.

I am somewhat stunned to see that you have opened a thread about the back issues of Stan's magazine. I think it should be assumed in this discussion, especially since Dan's post (#10) requesting my sources for Ueshiba's separation from Takeda in 1936, that all participants have carefully & critically read Stan's interviews in the two books he has published in English and also online.

The Aikikai charges 15,000 Japanese yen for the DVD of 500 back issues of the Aikido Shimbun, but I think this is still a small price to pay for the early issues, which contained O Sensei's discourses and much other material. There is much meat there, but you need to dig through all the fat and gristle to find it--and it's all in Japanese.

Best wishes,
Hello Peter,

Yes, I find that Stan is very generous, too. I've purchased a few things from him and have a list of other items to get when funds become available. The DVD back issue is something I think everyone in Aikido should have and read. Besides the two books, there are other articles/interviews in the back issues full of some very good bits of information.

I opened the thread elsewhere because I didn't want to detract from your article and the discussions about it. So, I tried to err on the side of caution, rather than clutter up the thread with something that could possibly create off topic posts. There is a wealth of information in the back issues, so I thought it could get rather messy.

The DVD of 500 issues of Aikido Shimbun is also on my list. Unfortunately, my Japanese language skills ... er, watashi no nihongo wa warui desu. Sumimasen. Watashi wa benkyo shimasyo.

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