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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

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Links to articles (or a compilation of excerpts containing positive characterizations) sounds like a fine idea. It has been years since I read most of that material, and I could certainly use a refresher, particularly in light of the series at hand and Ellis' forthcoming book.
Yes you could. But then again, some of us have never forgotten.

....I would rather see them both as deeply flawed mortals, simply because the lotus that rises from the muck is something I can believe in from experience, because the picture is relatively complete, and there's no outsize pristine image to be shattered in the first place.

You need a gimlet.

Actually I think some of you guys do
Where you'd RATHER see them as deeply flawed mortals rising from the muck that you can relate to-I have a generally much more positive outlook, and don't have a need for that particular dark image.
How about you have my gimlet and cheer up.
I'm naturally upbeat.

I think we should get back to Ueshiba.
I laid out some questions and observations. I didn't want to get side tracked.

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