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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hi Fred,
I'll point to articles from Aiki News that show Takeda in more of a positive light. Stans research into Daito ryu and subsequent articles from Takeda's students, his son, and a reporter show Takeda in more of a positive light than negative. And I'm only through rereading up to Issue 67.

I remember an article with a reporter. Takeda seems like a normal, older man who loves to talk and show off. I remember reading an article about Takeda going around to dojos and asking for matches. He didn't storm into dojos at all, but instead followed protocol at the time. Learning to ride a unicycle in a performing show? Doesn't sound like some cruel, grumpy man to me.


Links to articles (or a compilation of excerpts containing positive characterizations) sounds like a fine idea. It has been years since I read most of that material, and I could certainly use a refresher, particularly in light of the series at hand and Ellis' forthcoming book.


You need a gimlet.

I see no need to lift one, at the expense of the other. I also find it hard to consider one, without the other. They danced a dance together as giants, in an age of giants. It's quite a story isn't it?
Here I agree wholeheartedly with the first part. But as to the latter, I would rather see them both as deeply flawed mortals, simply because the lotus that rises from the muck is something I can believe in from experience, because the picture is relatively complete, and there's no outsize pristine image to be shattered in the first place.


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