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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Hi Fred
Touchy? I was having fun...gees!
I'll not debate it any longer then. I really don't care that much about it to fight about it or cause contention. Since folks want to write about it I thought it worth pointing out they a) usually do not cover the subject objectively, b) they do not have nearly enough information to support such denigrating characterizations of Takeda, c) all while offering up such lofty accolades of Ueshiba with just as much ignorance of him and the relationship between them.
As far as discussing the truth here? I am very sure Jun would NEVER object to the truth of their relationship being revealed-if it ever could be. In fact I shudder to think of the implications of what you are saying. I would never think that of Jun...or you. Do you think there are still those in aikido who are so low as to lie and bury the truth by intent?

I am quite sure...very sure, that were those letters to have been positive to Ueshiba's actions Kissomaru would have produced them in a hot minute to counter the published letter from Takeda.
The summation of mens lives should not be treated in such a cavalier fashion. I continue to presume more positive things for them both, to include failings, strengths, loves, losses, gains, and with these two guys, incredible skills with a well deserved reputation.
I see no need to lift one, at the expense of the other. I also find it hard to consider one, without the other. They danced a dance together as giants, in an age of giants. It's quite a story isn't it?

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