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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Hi Ellis
You hit that delete button and I'll kill you!! Bad enough it takes you so long after you announced it. You should run for office.
I told you -you were going to have so much *fun* delving into DR and Aikido and to wear high boots and take a shower after. Are you twitchy yet and just sick to your stomach? Wonder why I left?

As I said I have no iron in the fire as to everyone's personalities. Conclusions of biographers are notoriously subjective, and their writings often reflect that. Hence the term "their treatment" of such and such was_____________.
Everyone likes to paint a picture as they see it, including the interviews of someones son long after the father is dead. Having years of opinions of my own father- it was quite an eye opener to hear his opinions as expressed to his friends- and later shared with me, during those same years. Life's full of pleasant surprises.
I see these men as very colorful and complex characters. Therefore I shy away from one-dimensional portraits, as I am sure you do as well. I note the tone-"studied for a block of time and were free of him." as implicit of a foregone conclusion of your research, so the book is going to prove interesting I'd bet.
I count the big 5 as Sagawa, Ueshiba, Kodo, Tokimune and Hisa only in order of the major lines. In terms of relationship I disclude Hisa. Sagawa and Kodo's dads had more time in with Takeda. I think the Menkyo Kaiden was a slap in the face to Ueshiba and nothing more. Even -that- lends credence to Ueshiba's importance to Sokaku.

I take it we now agree on the Osaka dates and you left it at that.
Stop reading this drivel and go finish the damn book. I'd bet the wives of writers get more tired of a project looong before they are!

I'm hoping to put Peter's pages in a binder, and get my hands on your research and opinions you call a book and be able to sit by a warm fire with a gimlet all winter laughing and enjoying the shear volume of work you both put into these two fellas lives! I for one, can't wait.
Hope to see ya soon.

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