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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Reading some of the Aiki News back issues, there are articles that portray Takeda as some crude person. But there are also articles that portray Takeda in a completely different light. Overall, I think Stan's work shows a better overall picture of Takeda than those that would like to portray him as some crude, cruel man.

Even further, it's interesting to note that those articles portraying Takeda as crude and cruel are not from Ueshiba himself. Even some of Ueshiba's students note that Ueshiba treated Takeda properly and never talked bad of Takeda.

I think if people review Stan's work, they find that Takeda had connections with the police and military, studied hard, went to dojos not as a braggart but as someone there to learn and/or teach, had interesting adventures, and was looked upon favorably by many important men.
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