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Originally posted by Greg Jennings
I know other really great instructors, though, that teach that all the work is done with the trunk of the body and the "irimi arm" is just there to "give shape".
Hi Greg;

I am a strong believer in using the trunk of the body. When doing aigamae-ate for example (read standard irimi-nage except that hand makes contact with chin) the hand doesn't push or hit but almost acts as a guide. The power comes from the hips.

For the rest of the thread out there - randori varies a lot. From low level free-style with multiple partners to something akin to battle royal. When I talk about randori I tend to mean two people resisting, countering, more like Judo randori. Personally speaking the phrase "We do randori" on this list has no meaning especially in the context of budo. Sorry if I sound a bit jaded.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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