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Re: aikido and samurie

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Alright fellas give the poor lad a break.... he's only 16 and has possibly been misled.....

No Tom it does not make you a Samurai......

They don't exist anymore.... but the concept does in Japanese Tradition and Etiquette and Business ethics (I think, but could be wrong there)

And in some deluded peoples minds.......

Take Care
Umm.....yeah. I think in at least one regard the dojo does teach you something about the Samurai: how to exist in a small hierachical unit, with a martial mindset.

As you say, we preserve some of the etiquette, surely along with etiquette comes a system of thought? And since a lot of this etiquette was perculiar to the Samurai class I think it follows that maybe just a little bit of the Samurai mindset was passed on with it.

We probably wouldn't even noticed if it had though because to us it'd just seem normal.
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