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Originally posted by Napoleon

It's difficult to see whether you're being sarcastic, i.e. a bit of a twat, or are genuinely interested in what I said. If the latter is true, the way we perform kote-gaeshi in my club against a knife doesn't rely on the attacker being willing to be taken down; you use the movement of the legs to assist the technique at speed in order to force uke to the floor, applying a pin once he's there.
If, however, you were in fact being a sarcastic wanker, then I suggest using more speed than that of a disabled turtle in techniques. Ahem indeed.
Mr Nixon,

My question was a straighforward, and friendly, question about the way a friend of mine used to do a technique, plus a question as to whether you knew him, since, like I used to do, you train in the UK.

Whether you respond to the question in the spirit it was asked is, of course, up to you. But if you look at my other posts on this and other bulletin boards, I hope you will agree that I think sarcasm is inappropriate in a discussion forum.

Yours sincerely,

P A Goldsbury
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