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Peter Goldsbury
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Originally posted by Peter Goldsbury

With kote-gaeshi, especially done as an 'ura' technique, you always need to get into a position to do atemi. The interesting question is where the straight atemi is most effective. Any ideas?

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Hello Don,

Here are a couple more questions as grist to the mill.

1. I have seen many kotegaeshi techniques where the atemi focuses on the attacking hand or arm. How do you feel about this? (And 'straight' was merely meant to indicate timing rther than direction: it comes at the same time as the attack).

2. An eminent sensei once taught me that the taisabaki for kotegaeshi and irimi-nage should be similar. This is not what the late Doshu used to do, by the way. Our Shodokan friend Peter Rehse said somewhere that irimi-nage was an atemi technique. I think he is right, but would you say the same for kotegaeshi?

Background: the way O Sensei does kotegaeshi in 'Budo Renshu'.

And now back to the piles of paper on my desk...

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P A Goldsbury
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