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Originally posted by Peter Goldsbury
Mr Nixon,

Have you ever trained with Eric Beake? Eric and I used to train together in the old Ryushinkan in Albany Street, London, and it was Eric who first emphasised (to me) the importace of seeing kote-gaeshi as a knife attack, probably with an attacker who will not attack and simply stand there to allow the technique to work.
It's difficult to see whether you're being sarcastic, i.e. a bit of a twat, or are genuinely interested in what I said. If the latter is true, the way we perform kote-gaeshi in my club against a knife doesn't rely on the attacker being willing to be taken down; you use the movement of the legs to assist the technique at speed in order to force uke to the floor, applying a pin once he's there.
If, however, you were in fact being a sarcastic wanker, then I suggest using more speed than that of a disabled turtle in techniques. Ahem indeed.
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