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Diane Stevenson
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Re: Hakama Question

Personally, I miss my hakama. I started out in Aikido way back when Satome Sensei's school was "Aikido of Ueshiba". Everyone was encouraged to buy a Hakama after they passed their first rank test.

Poor thing is hanging in my closet now. Different dojo -- different policy.

But I liked the weight of it; the way it felt when doing tenkan. And after practice, as we all folded our hakamas, it was a nice informal Q and A time. I learned a lot about the history and philosophy of Aikido during those relaxed discussions. And I got to know the yudansha and sempai better, too.

I definitly would not want to give the impression that I'm someone I'm not, but I would rather wear the hakama than not. Besides, now I'm starting to worry that I'll spend the year after making shodan learning how NOT to trip on my hakama,

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