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Matt Wong
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Re: a couple ranking questions

I think you guys are misreading my question, or i worded it wrong...I wouldn't go to an academically inferior school in favor of a better aikido dojo.

In this case, I'm deciding whether to go to school in LA or stay in OC. Both schools are very prestigious and lead into the career I'm planning to pursue. So then factors come into play like the composition of the student body on the campus, the location, the connections I already have in OC, etc. And aikido is a SMALL piece of the "location" factor. I'm just trying to take everything into account.

That being said I have like 60+ years to do aikido so its no rush lol.

And young in could kill me with his eyes closed so no need to help him haha

uhmm i think this thread is pretty much done..thanks for your insight everyone.

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