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Dan Hover
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Re: I laugh all the time!

I recently attended the Aikido Association of America Summer Camp 2000 and took classes from Fumio Toyoda Shihan (6th dan) and Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan (8th dan). Both men are wonderful teachers, and both approached Aikido with a sense of humor. Kobayashi sensei would often make jokes, in a kind-hearted manner, at his uke's expense (including me), and Toyoda sensei was always making small jokes. These men taught me that one can train seriously in Aikido while still training joyfully.

I too was a AAA Summer camp (Southern region) and one of the things that strikes me about Toyoda Sensei is exactly how much fun he looks like he is having on the mat. I have had the priviledge of having lunch with Toyoda and he has got to be one of the most friendly, open instructors here in the States.
Practice in a joyful vibrant manner...didn't that irish guy O'sensei say that...somewhere??

Dan Hover
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