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Matt Wong
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Re: a couple ranking questions

Duy Trinh wrote: View Post
... well train harder if you're gonna stay local. You're with a good dojo that offers classes everyday. Take advantage of it. hopefully we'll meet on the mat someday if we haven't met already... i'm a semi-frequent visitor at OC Aikikai.
Yeah I really love our dojo, the people are really kind and the instruction is great..definitely something that makes me wanna stick around. I go quite often though AP classes kind of limited my time in the past year, but I plan to go tues. weds. thurs. and sat. every week for my remaining time in high school at least, so hope to see you around!

William Prusner wrote: View Post
Possibly you could ask your Sensei to write you a letter of introduction to whichever dojo you plan on attending. If he/she explained your proficiency level regarding techniques, ukemi and overall grasp of the material, your new instructor might have an easier time either accepting your current rank or deciding what you need to learn to hold that rank in his/her dojo. Who knows, they might even decide you are ready to test for higher rank.

I would rather be over-qualified rather than under qualified for whatever rank i held (which is none), if i held a rank (which i don't). The last thing I would want would be to give the impression I had a mastery of something that in actuality i knew little to nothing about. Could be potentially dangerous to be overestimated.

"Give them nothing!"

Yeah, if I did go to another place I think that's a good idea, thanks. I think that's probably the best idea in fact if I had to move.

hmm and I definitely agree with you about being underqualified! That would be the worst situation...and I do try my best to make sure I'm proficient for my current rank to avoid it.
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