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Re: Defending Against Grappler Using Aikido


Lots of over generalizations and assumptions I think. Specificallly about what aikido is/isn't and what MMA is/isn't.

that said, okay, you have your opinion and definitions and I can respect that.

Couple of comments:

1. You essentially state that MMA came from sport and aikido came from combat. Not necessarily true.

What you define as MMA (UFC type venues), actually are composites of many things (hence the MMA label). All traditional Sport systems, Greco-Roman, Judo, Free-style wrestling, TKD, Sambo, BJJ...all have their roots in Military or Martial Arts.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), which BTW had much influence on it from Heckler-Strozzi Sensei, and The Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) are true MMA philosophically based "Arts" have sport aspects to them, yet are designed to build warriors and instill/refine warrior ethos. Oh yea, and give some really cool skillz.

Drawing a line between sport and combat arts simply is not that easy and too dismissive concerning the importance that "sport" and competition play in the bigger picture of development of a person/martialist.

Phil wrote:

Regardless of your MMA or Aikido training if you have a gun pointed at your head you might freeze, and lose blatter control.
Well some of us know pretty much what we will do if we are still alive and have capacity to do something about it. Because we train with this endstate in mind. It is all about the endstate and goals of your training.....NOT the method (Sport VS DO/SU).

Phil wrote:

So there you go. If your an MMA and interested in proving MMA better than Aikido, it is in the house of MMA. If your an Aikidoka you probably don't care, cause that is not what your about. All that matters is if ever faced in a high-pressure life or death situation where your targeted as the victim you don't lose at any cost. Isn't that what really matters instead of all the goating and posturing?
Well apparently alot of Aikidoka DO care, as this is discussed alot here on aikiweb. Do I? not really, as from my definition of MMA aikido is methodology I use, as is BJJ, as is Judo, as is Greco Roman, as is Aunkai...all apart of MMA.

don't lose at any cost?

hmmm, well now lets get aiki philosophical...

"not lose at any cost"....that is really not part of the aikido philosophy now is it?

We have four basic scenarios:

1. Win/Lose
2. Lose/Win
3. Lose/Lose
4. Win/win

Aikido is really all about striving for Win/Win if you ask me. It may not be obtainable all the time, but I think that is why we study aikido.

If you are really concerned with this as a method to preserve life or "win at any cost", I really wonder why you waste your time with such a inefficient delivery mechanism for self defense. I'd go invest in more sophisticate defense systems and weaponery.

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