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Re: Hakama Question

I come from an ASU dojo as well and I believe that all students should wear Hakama. That's just my opinion. Saito sensei said that they started doing the whole black belt only gets to wear hakama thing after the war when buying hakama and/or making them was very hard due to the aftermath of WWII. However, the dojo that I go to over the summer only lets shodan wear Hakama and I respect their rules. However we must remember that in the past when Osensei taught, everyone wore Hakama no matter what rank you were. My shihan stated in an essay that one day he had forgotten to wear his Hakama and Osensei would not let him train that day. Every dojo has their philosophy I guess but when a visitor comes and trains at your dojo and wears Hakama, try to be more open minded about it as opposed to jumping to conclusions that he's/she's arrogant or thinks himself to be higher than others. He/she probably just came from another dojo that encourages Hakama wearing.
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