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Re: Defending Against Grappler Using Aikido


Sounds like you are on the right track in your training, IMO. It took me 15 years to figure out what you are figuring out in a short amount of time! (2 years Aikido, 7 months BJJ).

I am sure we would be in find much common ground on the mat for sure! Much can be lost in digits!

Mike Fooks does a good job of summarizing what I am trying to convey.

I tend to focus less on techniques such as the arm bar, but look at the whole of the situation. As you progress through Blue Belt, and advance up to purple you will become less concerned with individual techniques and more about position and setting up things two, three, and four moves ahead. You will also find that your set ups allow you multiple options in every position. that is arm bar, guillotine, and sweep from the same basic position.

It is natural to learn a new technique and then go out and look for a way to implement is how we learn BJJ! Then your buddies shut it down and you have to go find a new one...and the cycle continues!

good luck and keep up the post, They are good!

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