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Re: Defending Against Grappler Using Aikido

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
But if one is being physically attacked on the ground -in an attempted rape, no less - the only solution if one chooses to fight, is to devastatingly injure the other person. If you do not utterly stop them, they will become enraged, just like a toddler will throw a toy that pinched his or her fingers.

. Osensei had a daughter. I would wager a fair amount of money that if she were to have asked her father what she should do if being sexually assaulted, he would have suggested reaching up, pulling out one of those long 4 inch pins that held a traditional hairstyle, and ramming it in the man's ear into his brain. (a traditional woman's self-defense tactic in Japan - not a product of my imagination). t
There is no doubt that the grappler's initial "take down" is a force to be reckoned with. As such, can one defend against it?

The "intent" of the grappler is to take you to the ground and force a submission. It is not about "killing". I believe that prior to WWII, O'Sensei and many like him understood that the "foundation" of martial practice was to "kill or be killed". It had nothing to do with morality. It had everything to do with the "responsiblity" that goes with killing. After WWII, and with the continued sanitazation of aikido by it's current inheritors, this "martial blackness" was hidden and remains covered.

As such, many of the young folk "look" only at the "outer layer" of aikido and see "lacking". They believe their is a necessity for going outside of aikido. They do not understand, that "aikido" is a complete martial art. It espouses the "intent" of universality".

At this level of "advancedness" all "complete martial arts" are the same. In other words, everything "they" do we do. Everything "we" do they do, providing there martial art is also complete. (Unfortunately, my naming it, "in this instance aikido" many have mistakenly boxed themselves into a perceived corner.)

There are striking, kicking, grappling, throwing, locks, pressure points in aikido. It's just that the "many" don't see "it".

As such, does the aikidoist have the "tools" to defend against the take-down? Yes...He has the bokken, the jo, the staff, the sword. Any of those weapons will assuredly kill. Or as Ellis says, he can use the "four inch hairpin".

Now, as for all the other "groundwork" in the grappler's limited tool box, once I rip out his throat with the penetration of my "trained fingers", his attempted submissions don't matter much.

It is the "intent", not the limitation of the technique.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
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