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Re: Defending Against Grappler Using Aikido

as always.....what Kevin said.

From a self defence point of view (i.e. training soemone who is not going to commit to grappling full time but needs to "cover the base") the focus should be on the baics - which means positional control. Options to improve position with a view to regaining ones feet.

Wristlocking someone from underneath is certainly not a goer.

Roy may well hit an armbar from guard, but then he's a BJJ black belt I believe. So if we're looking for Aikido solutions as per the original poster - this ain't it.

I also think it's a mistake to post those photos of o'sensei doing and average head and arm choke and claim that that's what most aikidoka would do. Just cause Ueshiba had an idea doesn't mean it's passed to the rest of us vicariously through our grading certificates. If you look at those photo's and realise that you've never trained that technique - guess what it don't matter if it's "in aikido" if you haven't personally trained it a bunch.

Having said that, I've never understood the obsesson for finding the "aikido solution" for a problem aikido never traines to deal with. It's a bit like asking what the football solution to a fastball is.

long story short, if you want to know how to deal with a grappler on the ground, you have to go put in some time at a ground grappling school. Trying to reinvent ground fighting seems terribly....inefficient. Particularly when groundfighting typically utlisies many aiki stragegies anywho.

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