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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by PeterR

Irimi nage is an atemi waza for example.
Just to be 100% fair, I'd have to say that it depends on the way the technique is done.

The way my instructor does it, the inside of the "irimi arm" definitely can make contact. Oh, the joy of having rough canvas smeared across one's face!

I know other really great instructors, though, that teach that all the work is done with the trunk of the body and the "irimi arm" is just there to "give shape".

Shifting back to the main thread:

In the way my instructor teaches, atemi is there, newaza is there, reversals are there, a host of possibilities are there. To train without heightening one's awareness of them is to "take your partner cheap". It's an insult.

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Greg Jennings
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