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Re: Grappling In Aikido

Salim Wrote:

Often when a women is attacked, usually the women will find herself on her back. In that case a good arm lock or wrist lock would allow the women to subdue her attacker, maybe long enough to escape. I think Aikido and BJJ for purely self defense are great arts to learn for subduing an attacker.
Yes...I agree...lots in common for sure.

However, as I posted in another thread a few minutes ago. This can illustrate a big difference in methodolgies between Aikido and BJJ.

In BJJ you spend alot of time learning positional hierarchy and dominance...this is important. It ain't the wrist lock that matters in BJJ, it is positional dominance. Wrist locks are secondary. In fact they may get you in trouble. Ellis talks alot about this in the other thread.

Wrist locks typically are used as a control device to loosen a grip, to take a weapon, or to gain temporary compliance for another more permanent control measure. (Cuffs maybe?)

using it as a strategy by a woman to subdue and get agree with piss him off and have left no permanent control measure in place.

Anyway...positional dominance is foremost, and this is what I think is most distinctive difference in training BJJ and Aikido in the methodologies. Lots in common in principle, but we in aikido tend to over look this vital component or at least view it of lesser importance sometimes when training principles.

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