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Re: kendo's gruelling challenge

Robert John wrote: View Post
700+ at that test? And they only pass 4 or 5?
The kendo federation must be making bank.
Those tests go up in price according to rank...significantly if I remember correctly.
The "registration fees" (if you pass) get expensive quickly, but in my experience the "testing fees" (for taking the test) stay the same and relatively low, but I've not taken any tests at the national level (6th, 7th, or 8th dan).

About the only thing impressive about that vid was the 10th dan guy they showed in the short clip. Too bad they couldn't do a complete documentary on him ^^;
Mochida Moriji (持田盛二) sensei was the man: the last 10th dan, and 9th and 10th dan weren't honorary. Those guys he's handling with ease are 7th and 8th dans.

There are some videos of him as a much younger man at the Showa Tenran Shiai floating around youtube. He's featured in the Showa no Kengou DVD, but I've not seen it, so I don't know what's included. Him performing the Nihon Kendo Kata with Saimura Goro (also 10th dan) is available in Kensei to Gokui: Nihon Kendo Kata.

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