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Re: kendo's gruelling challenge

Body and mind is so linked, we can see Ueshiba, at his old years still performing well, moving and teaching, doing demostrations. What is that magic Mind formula they all seems to be having? What are their positives thoughts patterns? How can we apply them today so we can extend out our years even today?

Some aikido tests also costs money, depend on your affiliate/dojo, but I think that kyu/dan isn't relevant, it's what's beyond, it's the inner feelings that you are creating throughout the experience.

That movie, although connected to Kendo can still inspire us all, as all of those movies / practitioners shares the same common goal: Mind and Body perfection.

Aikido, Kendo, Judo and the rest are just the tools to make them happen, that's why training is so important (I wish I could train everyday )

A good stance and posture reflects a proper state of mind
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