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Re: Defending Against Grappler Using Aikido

The key here is subduing your attacker, restraining the aggression without brute force.
I did not quote the entire post, because it's just above. It is, also, with all respect, terribly wrong. Principals of aiki will assist an individual in fighting off an attacker while on the ground (I do not have to refer to the usual suspects - the Itten Dojo, for example, is doing some wonderful work in this area).
But if one is being physically attacked on the ground -in an attempted rape, no less - the only solution if one chooses to fight, is to devastatingly injure the other person. If you do not utterly stop them, they will become enraged, just like a toddler will throw a toy that pinched his or her fingers. (See the off-shoots of Model Mugging, Impact, etc., "adrenaline stress training," for examples).
One can go too far in the idea of non-resistance, restraint without brutality, etc. Osensei had a daughter. I would wager a fair amount of money that if she were to have asked her father what she should do if being sexually assaulted, he would have suggested reaching up, pulling out one of those long 4 inch pins that held a traditional hairstyle, and ramming it in the man's ear into his brain. (a traditional woman's self-defense tactic in Japan - not a product of my imagination). Maybe I'm wrong. But if he suggested less than that, it would not bespeak well of him as a father - thereby not teaching his daughter something that would actually work.

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