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Re: Grappling In Aikido

When one sits and contemplates about the similarities of Aikido and BJJ, often you will find that BJJ is Aikido on the ground. The arm locks, wrist locks, motions of the body on the ground, just seem to be too familiar with Aikido. I know a lot of hardcore traditionalist Aikidoka will disagree. A slew of individuals will think I'm some sort of sport MMA advocate. I'm more intrigued with the application of arts that are similar. Arts that allow a defender to subdue an attacker without brute force or necessarily strong kicks and punches. Subduing an attacker to either make them stop or enough to escape is awesome, without having to beat them to oblivion. It's a peaceful way to resist attacks.

Often when a women is attacked, usually the women will find herself on her back. In that case a good arm lock or wrist lock would allow the women to subdue her attacker, maybe long enough to escape. I think Aikido and BJJ for purely self defense are great arts to learn for subduing an attacker.

Really if you remove all the prejudices, forget about sport MMA/UFC hype and closely examine BJJ, there is so much in common. Watching the body movements, arm locks, wrist locks, you see Aikido on the ground. Sure the philosophical/spiritual differences can be argued. I see BJJ just as peaceful as Aikido. BJJ is not about brute strength, powerful kicks and punches much like Aikido is not. Anyone can learn Aikido or BJJ, women and children. You don't need tremendous strength. Your attacker could be 100lbs heavier and you would have the ability to restrain them whether standing or flat on your back with both Aikido and BJJ. Restraining the individual in a peaceful way is humane.
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