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Re: Breathing Training while Exercising

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I have a book about walking meditation given to me by a buddhist monk. In it they suggest as you inhale you count how many steps you take then as you exhale you count how many steps you take.

The goal is to lengthen the number of steps on the exhale so that the exhale is longer than the inhale. For example; it takes four steps for a complete inhale and eight steps for a complete exhale. But you start out with the inhale steps and exhale steps being the same and gradually increase the exhale steps.

Very interesting, thanks.

I wonder is there a difference in breathing for meditation versus breathing for energy/stamina or are they one and the same.

Also I wonder what would be considered appropriate inhale/exhale counts during vigorous walking. I've tried inhaling/exhaling for as long as possible during my walks but I don't seem to be getting enough air in to keep up with my pace.

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