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Re: Push Test with Ueshiba

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Im curious why that is in this forum. It seemed to be cornerstone of his personal training, and was displayed in various forms in vidoe by choice, and also seems to have been the standard by which he and his art was judged for years.
So we are to discuss
The founder of Aikido's methods
Him doing it
How he may have done it
Why he may have done it
As non-aikido events?
Can you explain under what terms it has nothing to with aikido?
Well, when we started talking about "aiki" and how you used push tests as a demonstration, everything just sort of got thrown into this forum. I haven't seen anything to show that its been changed. So, when I talk about "aiki" that isn't the traditional blending and harmonizing, I put it here, even though it directly relates to Ueshiba.

I've always thought that this "aiki" was the core of aikido but I guess not everyone did. Rather than make Jun mad for adding more of these kinds of "aiki" threads in the regular forums, I just put it here. If Jun thinks it should be in another forum, he usually moves it.
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