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I dint say anybody was doing anything wrong.
Sure you did.

if you use an atemi on every move, how will you ever learn circles, softness, extension, sensitivity, and all of the other qualities that are inherant in training with the techniques correctly?
I'd agree with Andy on this one. You just told everyone who does atemi in their aikido that they were doing their techniques incorrectly.

Personally I agree with you. I don't like atemi all that much and rarely use it. That doesn't mean I won't use it I just tend to try to find another way first. That's my choice, others have chosen differently. It's not wrong, it's different. Different backgrounds, different histories, different experiences, different lives, different aikido.

One of the things we talk about in our style/dojo is "the correct usage of ki". My understanding of this at this point is to do what is needed when it is needed. If you are blending with the situation and doing what is called for, regardless of the action it is correct aikido. Even if the correct action at the time is to smash the opponents nose like a grape Remember I rarely if ever use atemi, but if that was the needed action I would do it without hesitation and wouldn't feel like I'd "failed" with my aikido. Of course the rub lies in learning to tell what is needed and when to apply it...I'll be working on that for quite a while

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