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Re: Hakama Question

David Maidment wrote: View Post
At my dojo the hakama is reserved for Shodan and above, which I can see being a good and a bad thing:

Amongst the higher kyu grades the hakama is something to aim for, and so is very much respected and revered. But then I've also heard many a black belt complain about having to learn footwork all over again to avoid tripping.

To that end, one of the first things I done when hearing these stories was to purchase a cheap hakama to wear whilst practicing outside of the dojo, even though my experience is only to 4th Kyu level. When I finally earn the right to wear one in the dojo, hopefully I'll be used to it enough that my footwork won't suffer.
Nothing better then to put a brand new black belt straight to its place.
That is: all the way at the bottom, with the ones that know nothing.

A hakama can do that (partially) for you.
Struggling to put on their hakama, is like a small child tieing its shoes for the first time.
Watching the new hakama people fall over it while moving/getting up from ukemi, always puts a smile on everybody's face.
It tells them that something new is going to start, and they are just at the beginning of it.

And you are trying to skip this wonderful experience?
You refuse to make a fool of yourself among your fellow students?
Shame on you, little cheater.
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