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Dan Hover
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Ai symbol good question

Sometimes, when we err on the side of caution, you're right we can be an irritant to Uke or nage, Usually when I am Uke and my Nage is doing a particular Technique the way it is commonly done or "how they learned it" instead of how it is being deomonstrated, I try to tell them that although they are correct Sensei is trying to empahsize X ( hopefully I am right when I say that X actually is X, if not, then aren't I the Idiot). This way I acknowledge that they know the technique and that sensei is trying to draw our attention to whatever therefore deflecting the responsibility off of my nage. When I commit the Faux pas, I try to look at from thier point of view and try to accept their style, because who knows maybe theirs is better, sometimes this works and other times, I have to go back to what sensei was doing to try to see the emphasis myself. Tact and courtesy are always your best bets.

Dan Hover
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