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Re: Oh $#!t moments...

Enrique Antonio Reyes wrote: View Post
I remember when I used to do Ukemi for my first Sensei. He had this really bad case of skin allergies (eczema I think). Anyway, he usually gets some scales on his skin and these "scales" would fall onto the mat.

So whenever I do Ukemi I always do my best to avoid the scales on my way down but as I get pinned from a pivoting Ikkyo I sometimes find myself "face-to-face" with the eczematous scales...and I always say Oh $c#les!


One time during ikkyo I inhaled a small hair that was on the mat.

Now I hate putting my face on the mat, and if I have no choice, I try to clean the mat by "blowing" where I will land.

UGH! I bet that one eastern european girl dropped it there. ha-ha
(just kidding)
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