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Greetings all,

"two entirely different unrelated activities"

IMHO, when you lift weights (and I do), then lift weights. It is a different activity than Aikido. Lifting weights uses tensions to gain muscle mass and strength. Aikido is relaxed and uses technical proficiency (and Ki) for its power.

I do bring my Aikido training into my weight lifting. I try to keep my body relaxed except for the muscle group I am lifting with. I try to extend my technique (and Ki) through visualization. I exhale on execution.

I try not to bring my weight lifting into my Aikido. Since I an big (6'4", 215) I have always tended to use my size as power. I try not to do that in my Aikido. I try to stay relaxed and let the waza (and Ki) flow.

All I meant was that they are different actiities with different end goals and that maybe it isn't the wisest to weight lift with the goal of improving your Aikido.

IMHO, there is some cross over benefits especially in the area of conditioning mentally and phyiscally. My training mates enjoy honing their waza on "the big guy", since they figure if they can make it work on me, then they can make it work. I give them enough resistance to not give them the technique but not enough to resist and be a jerk.

My Sensei (Sensei Phong)is very small and enjoys demonstrating Aikido's effectiveness against a man of my size and strength. He is in the July Black Belt Magazine and recently demonstrated at the Aiki Expo in Las Vegas.

Lastly, my comment was followed by humor. If you mix up Aikido and weight lifting you might lift your uke and throw your weights. A joke that has to be explained just isn't funny any more. Sorry for the confusion.

Until again,


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