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Dan Hover
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Ai symbol can you please explain

O'sensei based Aikido stance, footwork and hand work all off of the various styles of Kenjustu he trained under. So although various schools of JuJutsu may have the same joint locks and throws. in Aikido our waza comes from his study of the Ken, Shihonage from Shihogiri, from Shiho Hai( four directional gratititude)
Whereas Aikijo teaches us the principle of extension without connnection(in the physical sense) such as we see in comparing Jo dori's to kokyunage, the technique looks the same, because the principle is the same. and the application of Aiki principle is the common thread throughout most(if not all) techniques, ergo most technques were never named(saito) and ergo Kokyunage has thousands of variations that all answer to Kokyunage.

Dan Hover
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