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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

is overly focused on the ki of earth and not sufficiently concerned with the ki of heaven.
I think the reason that the examples tend to stick around the "ki of earth" is because its a good starting point for common understanding. The thing is the whole topic is a lot bigger than just pushing or just grounding.

How is this "ki of earth" used in combination with "Intention" ?

How is this similar or different to "ki of heaven"?

Where does "breathing, breath training, or power derived from such" fit in the picture?

How does someone "fit" their "ki" to another ones "ki" (without moving overtly?)

How does this relate to Ueshiba Morihei standing on a mat and having 10 students fail to push him off, or the Tenryu example?

How does this relate to Chen Bing throwing someone 40% heavier accross the mat?

What kind of training helps to develop this?
What kinds of compatible training are better than others?

Is Aiki A Japanese thing only, just the name?, the concept?

If "aiki" is real can it be analyzed in english/math/physics (that's gotta be obviously true) is there a chance that a description is wrong ?

Is there any chance that O-Sensei was punning spiritually on a body skill?

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