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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned in this forum but; I've read alot about weather Aikido should or should not evolve and what the effects may be.

My opinion is that Aikido is constantly evolving. We as students are constantly learning and changing, therefore, our techniques change.

-The technique you learn today will be different tomorrow.
If evolution is a fact, as people are tending to agree here, than it isn't really a choice, it happens of it's own accord.
And, then it stands that aikido would be constantly evolving, unless one believes that evolution only occurs in post-generational-jumps; which would be pretty hard to prove.
And so then we can be sure of one thing, if aikido is changing us as we practice it is certainly a piece of evolution of the species, not just evolution in the art.

We might want to notice how it is changing us as people. Then take a look around and see if we notice those changes anywhere else. That would be most anthroplogical.

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