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Cool Re: Does aikido work against dogs?

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
Hi Ricky,
How are ya?

I've been thinking about this topic for the weeks that it is has been here. I waited to respond until something 'came to me'.
Well, here's what came to me.
Mental Framework:

You can't use aikido against anything. You have to use it with 'something'; be it dog, cat, boss, cheeky forum posters..., etc.

The description of your plight sounds like you're attemting Kaeshi-Waza against someone who out-ranks(skills) you in the dojo.
They've set up territory, they have determined all the rules which you don't yet know, and they are maintaining their 'status-quo' as big dog. Fight or flight might be our first line of response, but placing your mind in the position of Uke wil allow 2nd line responses to emerge. The dog is attemting to communicate one thing. You will hear the holes in his strategy when you relax your thoughts. You will be handed some gem of wisdom to deal with this situation in an aikido fashion if you really let yourself receive . Not the dogs bite, but the dogs intention.
Don't try to reverse it yet. Just go with the situation in your mind for a little while. You're going to come up with something that blows even your own mind. And then you'll be the 'nage whisperer'.

Good luck. I know it can get 'Ruff' out there. is a lot like trying to talk about ideas on

Doggies teach me so much about myself....more often I am fearful of the owners than the dogs...

I notice how I feel when I see big dogs. I can tell if they are dangerous or not by the how they carry is something I have studied my whole life because I am terrified of some dogs.
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