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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Case in point when Rob or I or anyone who can do some things over these last few years offers a description of movement, Erick then states what they are doing in western terms. When the person who can actually do it states that isn't -it-Erick responds "they don't understand his terms."
No. Simply that they have never addressed these arguments in those terms. It is pointless to get into the "argument -- contradiction." "Yes, it is --No it isn't" Monty Python routine. It was funny, once. I've put my thoughts out there to advance my thinking and for reasoned criticism, but that is not why I joined issue with this debate, and why I have never had any real hope to expect any better. You have brought debate to a close, in terms that are now very clear, and were the reason for my entering into it with you.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
He is just now debating with two engineers ... Were -he-seeking truth he would accept their rebuttal ... Instead he is telling engineers who are more capable then he due to the combination of both education and hands on experience-that they don't get it.
I've no idea what kind of engineers they are, I only know they have not addressed the points presented, which, whether they are engineers or not, shows nothing. I am certain that is not what passes for debate in engineering these days. In my circles, where I hire and regularly examine such engineers, their admission of a lack of understanding does not constitute any "rebuttal" in terms of fact or reason. And pleading on the authority of others or to encounters with famous men does not substitute for fact and reason, no matter how many times you try to do it.
Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The offer is now removed. I would however, still like to call on both you and your teacher to see what I am missing in my understanding. ... SO, I am asking for you and your teacher to demonstrate my limitations and lack of understanding-you so casually discussed here- on me, in person!
In case you missed it- it is you who are leading with your chin. I am simply doing what you said someone will sooner or later do to Dan you.
A simple answer will suffice. Lord knows, that accorfing to you- I may not understand anything else!
Let me be clear in what you propose. I address a number of points drawn from fact and reason in a forum of discussion. I reply to a long pattern of repeated low jibes with a reasoned criticism that they deserve, and instead of taking a reasoned discussion in its own terms, and seeking to prevailing on fact and reason -- you now claim authority to deny the possibility of reasoned debate, and wish to "take it outside."

Just so we're clear on this. What Dan A. is doing to someone he does not even know, nor has taken time to study what he has stated clearly, will eventually get him in serious trouble, and he is doing it on a presumption of YOUR authority. I've had to put foolish and over-eager people who got themselves led into in such unfortunate circumstances in the brig. The fruit truly falls not far from the tree. YOU are partly responsible for his risk in that regard -- and that risk does not come from me. My concern for him is a legitimate concern -- for him and for others who are led to follow in such a path. It is a poor budo for a whole host of reasons -- and beating anyone will not redeem it.

Now we see that that is also the "aiki" you are offering me, as I was kindly, and specifically forewarned by others is your habitual penchant when the direction of an engagement is not to your liking. With some care taken in an effort to see to it that it would eventually come to light here -- that has now been revealed for all who have eyes to see it.

You may be very good and you may be very dangerous, and no doubt there is no lack of people who wish to be both, but it is not Aiki -- and never will be. And I don't need anyone else to tell me that because you just showed it to me.

You did more to substantiate my concerns and my criticism of your project than I ever could have done without your help.

Onegaishimasu. The training was worthwhile through the endgame.


Erick Mead