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Re: Does aikido work against dogs?

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
Recently moved to a location close enough to work to make riding a bicycle to work feasible.
Morning 1. Big dog chases me. Scares the crap outa me. Disengage foot from toe clip thinking I would kick him in the nose. Never came to that. Spent the rest of the day thinking about it.
Morning 2. Armed myself with a spray bottle, contents; ammonia. It's on now. Chemical warfare baby. Same dog. Sees me. I grab for my bottle, adrenaline pumping. Damn dog just looks at me and barks.
Morning 3. Still packin. First dog runs out. I spray. CRAP! Nozzle set to mist. Dog stays out of range. Whew, that wasn't bad. Failed to adjust nozzle as I thought I was home free. Then it happened! Five of 'em. Another house further down the road. I quickly fumbled for my spray bottle, and judged the large aggressive pit bull to be the most imminent threat. He was behind me and consequently downwind. Spraying madly he ran into a fine mist wall of amonia and stopped dead in his tracks. Other four dogs seemed to back off at that point. Looked up and noticed the dog owners on their porch casually watching this fine rural gladiator match. What I really wanted at that point is to hurt some irresponsible dog owners. Rode off thinking about the possibility of a confrontation with the stupid dog owners. Would I use aikido, or would I give em a fine blast of ammonia and ride off on my bicycle?
Does anyone know of an aikido technique or internal skill that works against dogs?
If aikido doesn't work against dogs, and ammonia or pepper spray is so effective against dogs and people, why the hell do I spend so much time on the mat?
Clearly you need vastly superior firepower...........................invest in a super soaker and/or a water mortar.
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